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Bocce at Rainberry Bay​

by Diane Maxey, President
Celebrating His 90th
by Diane Maxey

This was a spur of the moment, word of mouth to bocce players party.  "Whenever we get a chance to celebrate something,  we do," says  the current President, Diane.

Lester Fishbein was the first president and charter member of the Bocce Club. Congratulations on this wonderful birthday and best wishes to both Les and wife, Rhoda.

This joy of celebrations permeates the members of the Bocce Club. It definitely keeps them growing.

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Bocce at Rainberry Bay – Growing Strong
If you’re looking for fun and a place to try your luck or skills – you don’t have to leave Rainberry, just drop by the bocce courts on NW 29th.   This season has seen our biggest growth in the number of players, so much so that we’ve instituted a sign-up procedure to assure that everyone gets an opportunity to play. 
In addition to our regular schedule, bocce players get together on many occasions to have breakfast, dinner or go to shows.  They also have a large group presence at many Rainberry Bay events.  The Bocce Club will host its annual members’ Pizza Party on March 20 at 6 pm in the Theater. 

Membership dues are $10 a year – gives you an opportunity to play (up to five times a week) and participate in many outside events.  Regular play is Monday and Thursday evenings (6 pm) and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (9 am).
Rainberry Bay Bocce participates in the Palm Beach County Bocce League and plays communities across the Palm Beach area.  Home games continue to draw quite a crowd of players and supporters.  A schedule of League games is posted at the Bocce Court if anyone would like to come and cheer for Rainberry Bay.
A large crowd came to watch the Rainberry Bocce Club win its match on against Bellagio Country Club.  
Monthly Meeting
First Tuesday of the month
1:30 pm Craft Room

Monday & Thursday @ 6:30 pm
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday @ 9:30 am

Photos courtesy of Shelley Glass

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