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From Mayor Shelley Petrolio:
Just 3 months ago I was elected Mayor of Delray Beach after serving 5 years on the Commission.
It is both an honor and a responsibility. I look forward to working with all of you!  I thought it would be helpful to send a regular Mayor's Message so that you are informed on City activity. I will discuss our challenges, our progress and, yes, our missteps so that you can judge how we are doing.
Please feel free to contact me with your advice and opinions. I can't promise satisfaction on all issues, but I can promise to consider your views. We all want to make Delray the best it can be!
Meet Your New Commission!

In the March election, three new commissioners were elected; Vice Mayor Adam Frankel was elected to seat 1, Bill Bathurst was unopposed and filled an unexpired term in seat 2 and Ryan Boylston was elected to serve in seat 3. They join Deputy Vice Mayor Shirley Johnson and me to form the 5 member board of Commissioners. It is a group with diverse talents and different backgrounds. Our initial meetings have been lively and cooperative. It has been a pleasure to be working together as a team to make Delray even better. Find out more about your Commissioners here

Strong Shoulders Moving Big Boulders
In our first meeting, the newly elected commission went straight to work. We assumed greater control of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) replacing the old board with the elected commission members and adding two citizens to complete the new 7 member CRA board. The CRA was established 33 years ago, long before the rejuvenation of our downtown. It has special taxing authority, and now receives over $20 million each year in real estate taxes on downtown property. This money goes to the CRA, not the city government.

The bold move to reform the CRA board will position the CRA to be in greater coordination with city goals and will make the CRA board members more accountable to it's constituents. At both our neighboring townships - Boynton Beach and Boca Raton - the elected commission also serve as the CRA board. I believe the new arrangement will benefit all of us. And the new CRA board has exciting plans for future development! (A teaser to get you to read my next Messages)

Narrowing Congress Avenue

On the campaign trail for Mayor, I learned that Delray was moving to narrow Congress Avenue from 3 lanes in each direction to 2 lanes. This made no sense to me, and as I met residents in all parts of town, I learned that most people agreed with me.

The plan submitted to the City was based on the idea that adding more sidewalks and bike lanes would force people to drive less. But I felt that since Federal Highway was recently narrowed in the downtown and A1A was already a narrow road - Congress Ave is the only remaining wide north/south road near our city center. It is an important alternative to I-95, especially when there is an accident on the highway. Congress Avenue in both Boca and Boynton is 3 lanes wide in each direction. Narrowing Congress in Delray would cause unnecessary congestion for all of us.

I was surprised to learn that this important change to our road system was moving forward without a full vetting by the public or by the Commission.
Soon after the election, I went to work to find out more. I discovered the City had formally asked the County (which owns Congress Avenue) to narrow it. Moreover, the County had agreed and a $5 million grant had been allocated for the lane narrowing!
I also discovered that the City could withdraw the grant request to narrow if the City Commission voted to do so. The matter was placed on an agenda, and a couple of weeks ago after a discussion, the City Commission agreed unanimously to withdraw the request. This withdraw comes with a penalty, though. Delray cannot apply for a new grant for a one year period. A small price to pay for keeping traffic moving.
Congress Avenue will not be narrowed in Delray Beach.

What Does Delray Beach Offer?




There are a large variety of top restaurants in downtown Delray Beach (also referred to as "on the Avenue") and the vital night life abounds. Let the chef above show you around the area restaurants.
Neighborhood markets and large grocery stores are found all over Delray. We have several Publix in close proximity. Click on the icon above and you will get a map of the stores in the area.

Things to do around Delray Beach
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Current Delray Events

Wacodahatchee Wetlands

Health Clubs

Green Cay Nature Center

Golf Courses

Intracoastal Boat Tours
Golf is very popular here in Delray Beach and in southeast Florida (besides all over the place). Our year-round sunshine makes the game a frequent pasttime. We have many beautiful golf courses nearby. Press the icon above to see what's nearby.
Morikami Japanese Gardens
Delray Beach offers a variety of health clubs and programs, in addition to any at Rainberry Bay. Silver Sneakers is a very popular course if your health insurance allows it. Click on the icon above and find the health club you would like to explore.
The Girls Strawberry Patch
The Arts Garage
Cornell Museum
Flagler Museum
Miniature Golf
Delray Beach Public Library
Norton Museum
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