Rainberry Clubs
  1. Executive Director
    Irv Schulman, President
    Mens Club
    $5 Annual Dues; Enjoy breakfasts, BBQ's, gambling trips,
  2. Executive Director
    Carol Shore, President
    Women's Club
    $10 Annual Dues Card parties, luncheons, entertainment, fashion shows, bingo only a few.
  3. Executive Director
    Sue Ragovin, President
    Social Club
    No Annual Dues Currently on hiatus. Watch for new information posted on all communication channels.
  4. Executive Director
    Norma Koff, President
    Bridge Club
    $15 Annual Dues Duplicate games Mondays & Thursdays; lunch and bridge, monthly on Sunday, ACBL
  5. Executive Director
    Dave Kulick, President
    Tennis Club
    $35 Annual Dues Social events, clinics, tennis teams, tournaments.
  6. Executive Director
    Joyce Poses, President
    Brainberry U
    Exercise incl. NIA, yoga, tap, aquacize; beading, papercraft, painting, ceramics, claycraft
  7. Executive Director
    Mike Klein, President
    21st Century Club
    $5 Annual Dues Members only events; rock & roll shows; pool parties; superbowl parties; great fun.
  8. Executive Director
    Diane Maxey, President
    Bocce Club
    $5 Annual Dues Games: Mon & Thur @ 6:30 pm Wed, Sat, Sun @ 9:30 am, dinners; trips, tournaments.
  9. Executive Director
    Monique Goudreau, President
    Bicycle Club
    $10 Annual Dues Bike rides, clinics, meetings, fun, trips.
  10. Executive Director
    Conrad Berke, President
    Theater Arts Group
  11. Executive Director
    Gloria Goldman, President
    Yiddish Heritage Club
    Keeping the heritage of the Jewish culture alive and lively through stories, songs and anti-semitism programs. Thurs, 1:00 pm Men's Card Room meetings.
  12. Executive Director
    Harriet Lewis, President
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