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This website is our main way to reach the majority of our residents and potential residents world-wide. We update it all the time to reflect the events and activities that go on in this community, as well as in the city of Delray Beach. You can look at it by pressing any of the orange buttons above. It has a lot of information and links to help you learn more about Rainberry Bay and its environs.

The FSR VILLAS / FSR HOMES portions of the website are password protected and accessible by RESIDENTS ONLY. It contains  a lot of information:

  • "Forms and Documents" for the community,
  • Videos and minutes of the Board meetings
  • A place to submit and track work orders
  • Latest financials on each of the Associations​
  • A way to communicate directly with the Manager
  • A Resident Directory.

Every owner has access to their association, as well as the Master Association documents. With the directory, the resident must input the data, such as your email address, your cell phone number and the people in your household. Many people have not filled out this portion so it remains incomplete.

​If you have missed a board meeting, or would like to see a video, there are videos and minutes posted under "Forms and Documents" of the Master Association. The individual association financials are published under the MY COMMUNITY section. Owner's account information can be found under the MY ACCOUNT tab. 

The websites are a joint creation with the Management Company and our resident webmasters, Karen Wells, David Kulick, and Deb Peters.