April 2019

RB Events
Information on Rainberry Bay events can be found on Comcast channel 93, the website calendar: myrainberrybay.com and the Beacon.  Events for this week are taken from the website. It is the responsibility of each club/committee to verify dates posted there.  Clubs/committees are welcome to submit info for publication –  rainberrywebsite@yahoo.com
***April Maintenance is due! Checks will be accepted in the office until 4/20.
***Need committee chairs for: Election, Hurricane Preparation, and Directory (printed biannually)
If you’d like information about chairing any of these committees, please email lwrainberryboard@gmail.com
If you are interested in volunteering on committees please contact the assigned chairperson.
***If you’re leaving please advise the office so they have the correct information to reach you.
*****Hurricane Tree Trimming will take place over the month.
This Week in Rainberry Bay:
For this week’s events please check:
Myrainberrybay.com, Comcast channel 93, or the Beacon.
Check the website (myrainberrybay.com) for events as all are not listed here:

Apr 22 – 11:30 TH - Earth Day Activities (details below)
Apr 24 – CH - 6:30 Resident’s Concerns, 7p Meeting
Apr 28 – 12p CH – Bridge Party
Apr 28 – 7:30 TH - Movie (details below)
 (yes, season is winding down!)
Board Meeting Info - Clubhouse Auditorium unless noted otherwise
April 24 – CH 6:30 Residents’ Concerns, 7p Board Meeting
May  8 – CH 7p Master Board Meeting
HOMES Board meeting:
May 15 – 7p in the Clubhouse for an amendment vote, more information to follow in the mail. Please note corrected time and date.
The proxy form included with the recent mailing to Homes residents indicated an incorrect date for the meeting to vote on the amendments.  The correct date of this meeting is WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rainberry Bay Clubhouse Auditorium.
What’s included this week?
Green Comm, Earth Day, Brainberry U, Bike Club, Bridge, … scroll to see what else there is to do! 
Movies: Sunday @ 7:30, Theater
April 28 – Vice
May 5 - Mary Poppins Returns
May 19 - If Beale Street Could Talk
Opera/Ballet – TH @ 1p
April 26, Der Rosenkavalier, by Richard Strauss.  If Elektra is Richard Strauss’s most “modern” opera, Der Rosenkavalier is his most human and approachable work, brimming with Viennese charm and waltzes, but also filled with bittersweet and poignant reflections. If Elektra dealt with vengeance, fate and the demands of the immortal gods, Der Rosenkavalier deals with love, time, and the demands of the human heart. 
May 3, 1 PM, Macbeth: Verdi’s first collaboration with Shakespeare, Macbeth was created relatively early in Verdi’s career.  Exhorting his librettist, Verdi complained, “This tragedy is one of the greatest creations of man... If we can't make something great out of it let us at least try to do something out of the ordinary.” They succeeded.
May 17, 1 PM, Otello: Verdi was 75, and sixteen years had elapsed since his previous opera, Aida, had premiered. The world thought he was finished. “And then one evening at the Scala in Milan the tremendous, dissonant opening chord of Otello came crashing out, that blow of a giant’s fist, smashing the stone of the tomb. ‘I am here still! Italian opera cried . . .’” 
May 31, 1 PM, Falstaff: The master’s final opera, written when he was 80, and bursting with vitality, humor, and humanity. “These lies are like their father that begets them, gross as a mountain, open, palpable,” wrote the Bard, proving once again that he speaks to every age.
 Brainberry U. Classes 
Yoga News First class is free.
Monday & Saturday mornings - 10AM in the clubhouse MCR
Nia News From Helen Sohne  
Mondays at 11, Craft Room
Chess Club  
Tuesday- Crafts Room, 1 - 3 PM.  
Nia classes - all classes in the MCR –
Nia is a low impact dance aerobics class that uses the dance arts (Duncan, Modern and Jazz) the martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi and Aikido) and the healing arts (Yoga, the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method) to create a barefoot, moving meditation with soul-stirring, eclectic music from around the world. 
Nia addresses holistic health by conditioning your body, mind and spirit/emotion. The driving principle behind Nia is that you are encouraged to move "YOUR body’s way.”   You are invited to dance on your feet, holding on to a chair or even in a chair. 
Classes are ongoing on Tuesday and Friday from 10-11 in The Men’s Card Room through April, May and June with one exception. There will be no class on Friday May 3rd. 
There will be an intermittent schedule in July, August and September so please stay tuned for the dates.
Please contact Helen Sohne with any questions that you have about the class: 561-376-9789 or email niadelray@gmail.com 
Green Committee 
Celebrate Earth Day Monday April 22, 2019 at the RB Theater from 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM with the Green Committee.   
We'll be reusing corks, bottle caps, lids, egg cartons and thin cardboard boxes for Earth Day projects.   
PLEASE JOIN US & help with the community wreath, trivets & art work.  Enter a drawing for a chance to win stainless steel straws, native plants reusable water bottles or reusable mesh produce bags.  
Corks – Add your touch to a community wreath made of corks or try your hand at making a trivet with corks.  (please keep leaving your corks in the collection container in the library) 
Bottle caps / lids – help to create artwork from caps and lids.  (please leave your saved caps & lids in the club house lobby box 4/15/19 - 4/21/19)  
Tri County Animal Rescue – Bring your donations of empty pill bottles with the lids (to send home meds with adopted animals), towels, sheets, rugs, heavy duty trash bags, disinfecting wipes, laundry & dish detergent pods to the theater on 4/22/19 from 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM.   
Wetlands and you -- Learn about the importance of wetlands in Florida from local marine biologist & mangrove ecologist, Heather Stewart, & how you can make a difference. We’ll be making decorative sea turtles and whales out of recycled egg cartons & thin cardboard boxes (e.g., cereal, Kleenex).   great family craft & conversation piece (please leave cardboard & egg cartons in the club house lobby box 4/15/19 – 4/21/19) 
Plastic bags – Put plastic bags in the club house lobby box the week of 4/15/19 - 4/22/19 for recycling. 
Bike Club 
Appreciation Breakfast for Rose Weisman HAS BEEN POSTPONED.
 Sylvia (city of Delray Beach employee) 561-243-7358, is organizing a “Bike Month” event this May.  LAST CHANCE TO GET RID OF A BIKE YOU NO LONGER USE.   Inherited an unneeded one??   Also, helmets, bells, lights, or a monetary donation would be very appreciated.  You know someone who has a never-used bike in their garage??  A needy “someone else” would surely appreciate it!  Contact Monique or John for pick-up:  561-265-5924   lakesideottawa@xplornet.com.  Volunteers are also needed for a special 1-day (2 or 3 hours) charity program: i.e. pumping tires, raising/lowering seats, etc.  Call Sylvia for more details.                                      
The 21st Century Club

Ticket sales for our upcoming cabaret show on Friday, May 24th,  Memorial Day weekend featuring Sha Boom and our Thursday, July 4th catered BBQ/Pool Party will begin on Monday, April 22nd and every Monday & Thursday thereafter, from 4-5 pm in the theater.   
Just because the snow birds have left, doesn't mean the party stops when they leave!  If you like having activities like these, then join us and support the 21st Century Club! 
For questions, call Marcia at 561 927-8550 
Summer Rainberry Book discussion group will continue on the first Thursday of the month in the MCR in the Clubhouse at 1:30.
May 2- Andrea Baron will lead a discussion on The Library Book  by Susan Orlean
June 6- Karen Aprill will lead on Best State Ever by Dave Barry
July 11 (note later date due to holiday) Lawrence Johnson will continue with another book you read in high school, Animal Farm by George Orwell
August 1- Roberta Weltmann will lead a discussion on The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce
Limited copies of each book will be available at the Rainberry library open M-F 1-3.  
Any questions contact Karen Aprill at KLAprill @gmail.com
There will be Monday night games April 15, 22 and 29. Please be seated by 6:45 PM.
The Sunday Party will be held on April 28. Lunch (bagels, lox and…) will be at 12 Noon with the game to follow. Please call Debbie Robins (561-330-0787) and place your check in the Clubhouse Bridge Club mailbox by April 21 if you plan to attend. Cost is $8 for members, $10 for guests.
Cancellation of Thursday Game
The Thursday afternoon bridge game is cancelled for the reminder of the season (April-May).
New pickle ball times:
Weds & Sun - 4-6PM                               Tues & Thurs 6-8PM
Rainberry Trash and Recycling Rules 
Some people are putting trash, recycling and bulk items at the curb days ahead of the schedule, creating eyesores for multiple days instead of one day.
Collections of garbage and recycling materials are from 6 AM to 6 PM on Tuesdays.  Garbage collections and bulk item pickups are from 6 AM to 6 PM on Fridays. 
Materials should not be put out for collection before 4 PM on the day preceding a scheduled collection & should be put out by 6 AM on a scheduled collection day.  
Emptied bins need to be brought inside by 11 PM on the day of collection.   
If discarding furniture or other usable items, consider contacting a local charity to pick up your items.  Recycle - Reuse - Reduce - Rethink  
Directory info:
For those of you who have received their new 2019 Resident Directory, several names were inadvertently left out due to an error in the publication.
We discovered this as soon as we received them from the printer and had new pages printed out. If you are looking for someone whose last name begins with "B, H or M” and you do not find them in the proper section, turn to the end (immediately after the "Z" section) and you will find them. Names that are omitted will appear in the Beacon as I am aware of those.
I apologize for this happening in spite of careful proofing and your cooperation in getting us the information.  Please let me know if you find any other discrepancies and I thank you in advance for your understanding. Karen Wells
Comcast channel 93 please send it to myrainberryric@yahoo.com. 
For the eblast: rainberrywebsite@yahoo.com
Send information for the website to: rainberrywebsite@gmail.com
Info for the Beacon: rainberrybaybeacon@gmail.com
***The Homes Board has an email for Homes residents to use:
***The Villas Board has an email for Villas residents to use:
The Directory is available in the office. (more info at bottom)
The Beacon is available on the website myrainberrybay.com - Click on the button on the top right of the page. The complete newsletter will be available to read, page by page, in full color.
It is also available in the clubhouse, tennis center and outside the theater. Also note the new email address for the Beacon: rainberrybaybeacon@gmail.com. 
Some dates may be incorrect on the calendar so please check the website: myrainberrybay.com  - click calendar. 
Please use the vendors who advertise in The Beacon and let them know you’ve seen their ad; that will ensure they will continue to advertise which will help keep our publication top notch.

Outside Rainberry Bay
Electronic Tolls Coming to Atlantic Avenue/Fl. Tpk. Interchange! This project is called an All Electronic Tolling conversion or AET. Construction is scheduled to begin late this Summer and is expected to last until the middle to end of 2021. The project # is 429339-4. On May 14, 2019 the “letting” process will start which is when the FDOT advertises and awards construction contracts to build a project.
Currently, the project timeline calls for the complete conversion to electronic tolls to happen late summer, 2020. To understand how the electronic toll system works, go to floridasturnpike.comand click on the ‘all electronic tolling’ link at the top of the page. If the driver does not have a SunPass, the driver will receive a bill in the mail for the price of the toll as well as a service charge.
Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise always reminds drivers that SunPass customers enjoy the lowest toll rate and avoid any service fee associated with the Toll By Plate System. SunPass is NOT currently interoperable with EZ Pass, however there are efforts on both sides to make that happen in the Future. SunPass is currently interoperable with Georgia and North Carolina with other states expected to join as well.
Dorothy Jacks, PBC Property Appraiser:
Senior Exemption Renewal of Adjusted Household Income for Persons Age 65 and Older Earlier this year, my office mailed out renewal applications for those senior citizens who qualified for the additional exemption for persons age 65 and older. The renewal form must be returned (postmarked) to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office, 1st Floor, 301 N Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, no later than May 1, 2019. In order to qualify for an additional homestead exemption of up to $50,000 for persons age 65 or older, the “Household Income” (cumulative “adjusted gross income”) of all persons living in the home cannot exceed $30,174. This exemption applies only to the property taxes levied by the taxing authorities granting the exemption for 2019. Section 196.075, F.S. - Additional Homestead Exemption for Persons 65 and Older. (a) “Household” means a person or group of persons living together in a room or group of rooms as a housing unit, but the term does not include persons boarding in or renting a portion of the dwelling. (b) “Household Income” means the adjusted gross income, as defined in s.62 of the United States Internal Revenue Code, of all members of a household. If you file a tax return, this is the amount reported on IRS Form 1040, line 7. If you do not file a tax return, adjusted gross income includes but is not limited to wages, salaries, tips, taxable interest, ordinary dividends, capital gain distributions, taxable IRA distributions, taxable pension and annuities, unemployment compensation, and taxable social security benefits. For questions, please contact Exemption Services at 561.355.2866 or myexemption@pbcgov.org