FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Upcoming Events
Information on Rainberry Bay events can be found on Comcast channel 93, the website calendar: myrainberrybay.com and the Beacon.  Events for this week are taken from the website. It is the responsibility of each club/committee to verify dates posted there.  Clubs/committees are welcome to submit info for publication –  rainberrywebsite@yahoo.com
**If you want your club/committee info shared – email addresses at bottom**
  • The Archive Committee is looking for volunteers with basic computer skills.  Also, anyone who has old Documents or pictures from Rainberry Bay’s 40 year history.  Thanks.
  • The Directory will be given out at the “Membership Meeting” (March 6) and upcoming meeting(s).
  • For those of you who have received their new 2019 Resident Directory, several names were inadvertently left out due to an error in the publication.  We discovered the following as soon as we received them from the printer and had new pages printed out. If you are looking for someone whose last name begins with "B" and you do not find them in the "B" section, turn to the end (immediately after the "Z" section) and you will find them. The same holds true for someone whose last name begins with "M." They are right behind the missing B's.
  • I was just informed that 3 or 4 names were missing at the end of the "H's." These names will be printed in the March Beacon so you can cut them out and add them to your book. I apologize for this happening in spite of careful proofing and your cooperation in getting us the information.  Please let me know if you find any other discrepancies and I thank you in advance for your understanding. Karen Wells

  • We will be holding an Annual Membership Meeting if we receive our quorums (170 homes, 101 villas, 271 master). Please fill out and sign the white envelope when you receive it and return it to the office prior to March 6, 2017 at 12 noon. We will also need a team of Registrars to help attendees sign in. Please call Karen Wells, 274-0868, to volunteer. We need to count the proxies to achieve our quorum. The organizational meeting will be held regardless.
    • We no longer need an election as we have four candidates for the four open board spots. When you fill out your proxy for the annual meeting, remember that you should have a Certificate of Appointment on file in the office. This lets the Election Committee know who the authorized voter is for your household. If unsure, please check with the office.  If you moved here within in the last year, please fill out the form, available in the office.  They do not go inside the white envelop that everyone must fill out and return.
  • The Capital Contribution has passed (two quarters of Master Maintenance, $1530) – if you’re planning to sell your property please advise your realtor. This goes into effect as soon as it is filed with Palm Beach County.
  • The Enforcement Task Force, made up of volunteers from Landscaping and Management oversight committees, is about to begin reviewing properties that may have plantings that are not in compliance with our Rules and Regulations.  The team is beginning their training to identify violations that need to be addressed by the homeowner.  The focus will be on plantings that are too close to roofs, sidewalks, driveways, fences and mailbox posts as well as dead or seriously neglected plantings. You may receive a letter regarding your responsibility for any remedies that are necessary.  
  • The Beacon is available on the website myrainberrybay.com - Click on the button on the top right of the page. The complete newsletter will be available to read, page by page, in full color. It is also available in the clubhouse, tennis center and outside the theater. Also note the new email address for the Beacon: rainberrybaybeacon@gmail.com. 
  • Some dates may be incorrect on the calendar so please check the website: myrainberrybay.com  - click calendar.

This Week in Rainberry Bay:
For this week’s events please check:
Myrainberrybay.com, Comcast channel 93, or the Beacon.
Check the website (myrainberrybay.com) for events as all are not listed here:

  • Feb 9 – 9a CH - Bike Club
  • Feb 10 – 7:30 TH – Movie (details below)
  • Feb 12 – 10:30 MCR – Villa Board Meeting
  • Feb 12 – 7p CH – Tennis Club Bingo (details below)
  • Feb 12 – 7p CH – CERT Meeting (details below)
  • Feb 13 – 7p CH – Master Board Meeting
  • Feb 14 – 12p TH – Women’s Club Luncheon (details below)
  • Feb 16 – 10-12 Theater Canopy – Green Comm. Shredding Event (details below)
  • Feb 16 – 8p TH – 21CC Cabaret (details below)

Board Meeting Info - Clubhouse Auditorium unless noted otherwise
  • VILLAS:  Feb 12 – MCR 10:30a Meeting
  • MASTER:  Feb 13 – CH 7p Board meeting
  • Feb 27 – CH 6:30 Residents’ Concerns, 7p Meeting

What’s included this week?
  • Bike Club, Bridge, Green Comm., Women’s Club, Pickleball, Brainberry U, Social Club, Theater Arts, 21CC, Tennis, and more …
Movies: Sunday @ 7:30, Theater
  • February 10 “The Old Man and the Gun” 
Opera/Ballet – TH
  • February 22 at 1 PM: Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffman, for lovers of operetta and ballet.
  • t/ba/ at 1 PM: Love’s Labour’s Lost: Cole Porter and Shakespeare (well, there was Kiss Me Kate, but Nathan Hale in a Rainberry Bay Opera Classics is a first and only!)
From The Beacon and the Welcoming Committee of the Rainberry Bay Block Captains
If you have purchased in Rainberry Bay between 2016 and now, you are cordially invited to a Newcomers’ Party!   Meet your new neighbors as well as representatives from the Beacon, Block Captains and more.
We will have wine, cheese and fruit followed by dessert, coffee and tea.
 When: March 19th at 7PM       Where: The Clubhouse Auditorium   
Please RSVP by March 8
Email or call:
Anne Marie Blondin amblondin@gmail.com or 561-279-7914
Helen Sohne helensohne@gmail.com or 561-376-9789
Please include how many in your party, full names and address.
You must RSVP to attend
Thanks so much! Hope to see you there

  • Thanks to everyone for all for your suggestions at the meeting held on 2/5. All suggestions will be discussed by our Board.
  • ANNUAL MEETING: March 4, 7p, TH
    • Nominations: the deadline for nominations has been changed to the end of the day on 2/15. Please call 330-2371. There will be no nominations from the floor. All offices are open. Here is a brief description of the duties of said office.
      • President: Shall act as chief officer of the club. Preside at all meeting of the club. 
      • Executive Vice President: Shall act as liaison between the President, all officers and all committees.
      • Vice President of Communications: Will be responsible to communicate all club activities to Ric, Beacon, Raindrops and all other outlets.
      • First & Second President Hospitality: Management and setting up all affairs where food or drinks are served.
      • First & Second Vice President of Tickets: This should be Self- Explanatory.
      • Secretary: Take notes at all meetings and transcribe them to present at next meeting. Provide written communications where necessary.
      • Treasurer: Responsible for all finances of club.
  • We would also like to move forward with Casino Trips as well as pool parties, shows and all different types of events the entire community may enjoy.     

  • Green Committee Shredding Event
    • Our annual shredding event will be on Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 10 AM till noon in the THEATER parking lot. Bring your bags or boxes of paper to be shredded while you watch.  The Red Shredder has been providing this service (at a cost of $300 for their truck to be here for two hours) for the past few years.  They will also destroy hard drives, which must be removed from the casings.
    • The Green Committee is not funded and we rely on your donations to pay for this community service. 
  • Join us for Bingo February 12th, 2019 in Club House 7PM Sales dates: January 28 & 3 1. February 4,7,11 at the theater

Thursday, February 14 at 12 noon in the theater
Tickets are $12.00 per member and $15.00 for guests
Ticket sale dates: Jan. 28, 31, Feb. 4 and 7, sold 4-5 in TH Mon/Thurs
Entertainment by Lawvawn, The Saxman Extraordinaire
Gentlemen Invited to join us
Menu: Deli sandwiches … choice of Roast Beef, Corn Beef, Turkey or Tuna,  Dessert and Coffee
For information, call Carol Shore at 330-2371

                          6 PM TUESDAY EVENING
                FEBRUARY 19 IN THE THEATER, ALL FOR ONLY  $17.00
Monday and Thursday February 4-7-11-14-19
           Bring Your Friends Limited Seating No Tickets Sold At The Door

  • Saturday Night, March 16 at 8:00 PM in our theatre. We are presenting Susan Winter "A Woman for all seasons" Susan is an award winning cabaret singer who has a signature voice with youthful freshness of the present. Musical support will be offered by the versatile conductor to the stars, Don Edwards. Ticket sales will be held in the Theatre on Monday and Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM. $ 5.00 for members - Guests $ 10.00. Wine and refreshments will be offered for your pleasure. This is an entertainer that you DO NOT want to miss. Ticket sales will start on February 11th. 

Brainberry U. Classes –
  • Painting Mondays at 11, Craft Room
  • Chess Club  
    • The Chess Club wants you to come over and learn or play.  We have some great players, they may even let you win a game or two. Time 1:00 PM Tuesday's at the CH arts & crafts room until 3:00 PM. 
  • Nia classes update – all classes in the MCR –
  • Nia Special Class
    • When: Friday February 15th from 10-12pm
    • Where: In the Theater!!
    • We are having a special “Master” class led by Adelle Brewer. Adelle is part of the Nia International Training Faculty. She will teach her routine Cell-ebrate. Chairs will be available. The class is only $5 for Rainberry residents. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in. Come and join the fun! Call or email Helen Sohne for more information 561-376-9789 niadelray@gmail.com
  • Classic Nia: Tues & Fri from 10-11
  • Gentle Nia: Fri at 11:15

  • Yoga News First class is free.
    • Monday morning - 10AM.
    • Saturday morning - 10 in the clubhouse.

  • Come and plan the next month’s activities!  9 Feb (Saturday), 9 AM,:  Meeting, Clubhouse Conference Room.  We’re planning activities for February/beginning of March.  Give us your input! Encourage other like-minded friends, neighbors to check out our Bicycle Club.  Inspire them to sign up for our Email List detailing activities.  Contact:  “Biking Co-Chair”:  Monique Goudreau:         561-265-5924 or   “Travel Co-Chair”:  Rose Weisman:        561-274-6645 for any info

    • The new schedule for open play will be:
      • Tuesday Morning 9 am
      • Tuesday Evening 7 pm
      • Thursday Evening 7 pm
      • Sunday Funday 4 pm (bring a light snack or refreshment)
      • Lessons will still be held on Thursdays at 5:30 until further notice.   
The 21st Century Club
  • Tickets for all upcoming shows will be available at the TH Mon & Thurs 4-5. For more information, contact Marcia Fields at 561-927-8550
    • Roll the Stones:  A Rolling Stones Tribute—February 1
      • First time at Rainberry Bay, an 8-piece—plus two vocalists—ensemble that features the best of the Stones from three decades—’60s to ‘80s.
      • Tickets $20 per person per show at TH

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
  • Our February's monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday February 12 in the men's card room of our clubhouse at 7 pm.
  • After a brief meeting our CERT Medical Team Coordinator, Judith Lee Cohen will be conducting a refresher on Disaster Psychology with a question and answer session to follow.
  • Our meeting is opened to all residents of Rainberry Bay whether or not you are a CERT Member.  Please feel free to attend.

  • There will be Monday night games February 11, 18 and 25. Please be seated by 6:45 PM.
  • There will be Thursday afternoon (1:00 PM – 4:00 PM; be seated by 12:45 PM) non-sanctioned games (and lessons) on February 14, 21 and 28. These games are open to all members and guests; cost is $ 3.00 for members, $ 4.00 for nonmembers. You do not need a partner to attend as we will provide partners for anyone wishing to play in a relaxing game.
  • The Sunday Party will be held on February 24. Lunch, (pizza, salad and …) at 12 Noon will precede the game. Please call Bob Sherburne (561-414-5184) and place your check in the Clubhouse Bridge Club mailbox by February 17 if you plan to attend. Cost is $8 for members, $10 for guests.
  • Bob Sherburne is offering an Intermediate Bridge Class from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on February 14 and 21. The class will focus on bidding, especially conventions, and best practices in playing the hand.
  • There will be a Supervised Play game with cash prizes following each class beginning at 2:00 PM. Participants may come for the class only, the Supervised Play only, or for both the lesson and Supervised Play. The cost of the class and/or Supervised Play is $ 3.00 per session for members, $4.00 per session for nonmembers.
  • More info: call Bob at 561-414-5184 or email him, bobsdelray@aol.com
  •  First Presbyterian Church of Delray Step-Above-Rummage Sale
    33 Gleason Street - right off of Atlantic|
    Sale Date:  Saturday - Feb 9th 9 am - 1 pm

RB Communication:
  • Comcast channel 93 please send it to myrainberryric@yahoo.com. 
  • For the eblast: rainberrywebsite@yahoo.com
  • Send information for the website to: rainberrywebsite@gmail.com
  • Info for the Beacon: rainberrybaybeacon@gmail.com