The Election Counting Procedure:

As soon as the Election is called, all ballots are opened by a select group of Openers (4-6) and are distributed amongst the Tally tables. The 5 tables are set up in a Tally Area with an Election Committee official overseeing this area. 

One Reader reads aloud the checked name on the ballot and points to a card with that name in front of them. 

Two Counters mark on his/her tally sheet that vote as he/she hears it. The 2 Counters that tally the ballots are required to sign the bottom of their tally sheets to authenticate the count.

One Overseer will carefully watch the entire process (reading, counting, marking) and point out discrepancies. Also, they will verify each time the count is compared.  

This year we owe thanks to the following Inspectors for the Masters Association Election:

Martin Berger, Elayne Chasanoff, Barbara Shaw, Jeff Treubel
Robert Williams, Selma Snow, Ted Cannon, Phyllis Fishbone
Ann Barron, Karen Clouser, Janet Eisenman, Alan Goldstein

For the Homes Association, thanks to the following Inspectors:

Ethel Cook, Michael Pines, Bob Sohne, Loretta Toder
Paul Barron, Sandi Bodner, Sue Ragovin, Helen Sohne

Oversight was done by:

Beverly Gilmore, Karen Wells
Steve Friedman, Rodney Toussaint,  Kristina Lebrevelec and John Corners of First Service.

When the tables have completed their counts and are authenticated, they are picked up by an Oversight person and brought to the Election Chair and a representative from First Service for summary totals. All legitimate ballots have been counted and those which have been deemed illegitimate (2 check marks, 0 checkmarks, write-ins, non-candidates, etc.) have been set aside, but kept for storage, or any recount which has been requested by a candidate.