Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What types of housing does Rainberry offer?

A:   There are a large variety of models in single family homes, zero-lot line homes, 4-plex villas, row villas, townhomes, and duplex homes. Most are 2-bedroom, 2-bath but there are a few 3 bedroom models as well. As a 55+ community, no children under the age of 18 are allowed to live here and at least one resident must be 55 or more.
Q:  Can I rent out my home?

A:   After 2 years of occupancy, you may rent out your home. No lease will be for a period of less than 3 months with a maximum of 12 months, and only one rental per year. Annual rentals can be renewed (renewal applications need to be presented to the office). Renters must go through the application process which includes a background search, same as buyers. If you plan to rent your property you must also get a Landlord's permit through Delray Beach. This, or your application to DB for the permit, should be attached to the rental application forms.

Q:  May I have pets?

A:   Residents may own one pet with a mature weight of no more than 25 pounds, or two pets with a mature combined weight not to exceed 30 pounds. All pets must be attended and leashed.
Q:  What do we do in a hurricane or other disaster?

A:   Make certain all outside items are secured within the home or garage, portable generators may be used during specific hours and the clubhouse has generator power. There are Citizen's Emergency Response Teams (CERT) which get activated. Volunteers are needed.
Shutters may be installed at owner's expense per Architectural Committee guidelines. Make certain the Management Office knows how to reach you should you leave the community. Have all your emergency information on file with the office.
Q:  Are there separate entrances for residents and guests?

A:   Residents are issued up to two bar codes per unit and have access to the community through two gates. The main gate is manned by security 24 hours a day. The second one is bar code only but is monitored from the main gate. Guests and vendors must all enter through the main gate and show a valid driver's license and appropriate identification for contractors. Both must be called in by a resident.
​​ ​​ Q:  Where can I park if I don't have a garage?

A: If you live in a villa with no garage, there is assigned parking  in the parking lot or in front of your unit. If you have guests, they may park on the even side of the streets by the houses or in a guest spot by the villas only until midnight. Check the RB Rules for more details. Citations will be issued for parking violations.
Q:  Since the pools have no lifeguards, may I swim at any time?

A:   Due to Palm Beach County codes, the pools and spas are open only from dawn to dusk with the exception of Pool 5 behind the Theater. This pool and spa have been properly lighted and are open for night use until 10:00 pm.
Q:  What benefits do I receive for my quarterly maintenance fees?

A:   Rainberry provides landscaping services, roofing, exterior painting, cable TV, access to 5 pools and 4 spas, the Fitness Room, all Clubhouse facilities, many classes, use of 11 Har-Tru tennis courts, 4 pickleball courts, 24-hour security services, bocce courts, shuffleboard court, handball/basketball court. All residents are members of the Social Club.
​​ ​​ Q:  Can I make changes to the outside of my house?

A: All modifications, alterations, additions, landscaping changes and changes to driveways, sidewalks and roofs must be approved in writing by the Architectural Control Board. All work must be permitted by the City of Delray Beach. Details may be found in the Rainberry Bay documents.​

Q:  How often are elections held for the Board of Directors?
A:   On the first Wednesday of March, every year, a community election is held in conjunction with the annual meeting. There are 9 members of the Board (3 Masters, 3 Homes, 3 Villas) and each year either 4 or 5 positions become available as a rule. Any paid-up, recorded resident is eligible to run for the Board.  It is one of the best ways to help out the community.
​​ ​​​ Q:  How do I volunteer to help in the community?

A: Check out the committees where you have experience and call the committee chair. Rainberry is a community of volunteers and your help is needed everywhere. If you have any questions, sign up and put them out to the community on our internal e-mail blog, Raindrops .

Food and Drink

​​ ​​​ Q:  What are the guidelines for trash, recycling and bulk pick-up? (See RB Rules for additional details.)

A:  Trash pickup is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday mornings by Delray Beach Please use your rolling garbage cart if your sections uses those.

Recycling needs to be placed in the yellow or blue bins for Tuesday morning pickup. The yellow bin is for paper including cardboard and magazines.  The blue bin is for plastic #1-7 and metal.  These containers may be placed out after 4 pm the evening before pickup and must be put back away by 11 pm the night of pickup.

Bulk pickup is Friday and items should be placed curbside on Thursday, after 4 pm.  This includes appliances, as well as vegetative waste including tree and bush cuttings which must be tied. For the Villas sections using the dumpsters, please make sure all your garbage is inside the dumpster so that the lid can close. Do not mix garbage with the recyclables which go in the blue and yellow dumpsters. Do not place bulk items alongside the dumpsters other than Thursday evening.  In all cases, contractors must remove their own debris from the property.