Rainberry Bay Beacon

​​The Beacon is published ten times a year by Karen Wells and her Board: Char Lane, Treasurer; Kate Pechter, Advertising; Deb Peters, Photographer; Lois Wiesler and Donna Gouin, Proofreaders; and Ron Lemoine, Distribution. We have added two regular reporters, Phyllis Berke and Kat Kadian-Baumeyer. Phyllis helps us get to know our neighbors and Kat will be introducing us to places of interest in Delray Beach and environs.

Please continue to contribute information and articles so that we can keep up the high standards of this great newsletter and if you use our advertisers, let them know, "You saw it in the Beacon."

Contributors are the Clubs, the Committees, resident writers and poets, as well as Phyllis Gordon with her biographical insights into our neighbors, and Lois Wiesler with her helpful Tips and Hints. You can pick-up The Beacon at the "newstands" at the Clubhouse, the Theater, and the Management Office. Or, you can read it in full-color right here on the website. Just click on "The Beacon" button on the home page.

We depend on the community to be the eyes and ears for your neighborhood. If you know of births, deaths, illnesses, celebrations, etc. that the community should hear about,
contact Karen at the Beacon email address: RainberryBayBeacon@gmail.com.

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The Beacon is usually available after the 25th of the previous month. Deadline for advertising is the 8th of the month, articles need to be emailed by the 12th of the month preceding.
  • Notes should be about 50 words in length.
  • Articles should be less than 300 words.
  • ​Pictures should be in a .jpg format as should any ads.

If you have pictures of an event, they should be of publishable quality and sent to the email address above with a "who, what, and where" explanation. Just like with all of our media outlets, you help to keep The Beacon interesting and vital. 

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