​​Let us tell you about . . .
​     Th​e Rainberry Bay Social Club*
​                  by Sue Ragovin, President

Sue Ragovin, President
Barry Shore, EVP


The Social Club Board regrets to announce that we are cancelling the upcoming season of shows.  The Social Club will be on hiatus, revamping for a short time in order to accommodate the new interests of our community. All money will be returned to those who have subscribed for the season.

In the interim, we will still be presenting Bingos and hope to present a show or two and/or a cabaret this season.

If you have paid for a subcription, you will be able to have your money refunded in the month of September on Mondays and Thursdays at the Theater from 4-5 pm, with the exception of the two Monday holidays (9/3 and 9/10).


If anyone is still interested in seeing Bobby Brooks Wilson, it is possible we still might be able to have him appear here on Saturday night, December 8th. 

We must know by Thursday, October 25. We will start selling tickets on Mondays and Thursdays, beginning October 8 until November 5 from 4-5PM.

We need at least 150 or more people to buy tickets or the show cannot go on
* The Rainberry Bay Social Club is a separate not-for-profit corporation, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by or otherwise related to the Rainberry Bay Master Association, Homes Association or Villas Association.