Villas Association, Inc.
2801 Rainberry Circle South
Delray Beach, Florida  33445

Wednesday, July 18, 7:00pm
Rainberry Bay Club House – Men’s Card Room
2801 Rainberry Circle

*Please silence all cell phones and do not accept or make calls from the meeting room as a courtesy to those attending the meeting. Also, please do not hold side conversations while the meeting is in progress and side conversations are distracting to the Board.

*This meeting may be video or audio recorded for replay and/or distribution without further notice to attendees.


Call Meeting to Order

Roll Call/Establishment of Quorum

Approval of Previous Minutes – 3/15/18

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Clear “Due To” account on Financials.

New Business
  1. Roof /Fences Replacement/Repairs.
  2. Guest Parking Spaces.
  3. Mail Box Cluster Replacement.

Good and Welfare
Dumpster and Recycle Etiquette.


Posted By:  Mark Palmiotto, LCAM, Property Manager